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Python Question

While-Loop Troubles

I have to make a gradebook program for my CS class, and I'm having problems with my while-loop (bear with me, I'm a beginner). I am trying to set it up so that a teacher will be able to add an infinite amount of students to their gradebook. We're also saving it to a text file. For some reason after I enter one name, the loop doesn't continue, it just skips to the other if statement below it. Thanks for your help.

#input students

stu = input ("Would you like to input new students? (Yes or No) ")
if stu == 'Yes' or 'yes':
while True:
add = input ("Please enter the names you would like to add to your registry. (Type stop when you're finished.) ")

if add == 'Stop' or 'stop':

if stu == 'No' or 'no':
print ("Okay.")


Answer Source

Ok. The problem is that python understands line

if add == 'Stop' or 'stop':


if (add == 'Stop') or ('stop'):

So. Even if add == 'Stop' is False, python casts 'stop' to True, so it executes if statement anyway. So use if add.lower() == 'stop': instead. (same in if stu == 'No' or 'no':

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