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Fastest way to calculate a 128-bit integer modulo a 64-bit integer

I have a 128-bit unsigned integer A and a 64-bit unsigned integer B. What's the fastest way to calculate

A % B
- that is the (64-bit) remainder from dividing A by B?

I'm looking to do this in either C or assembly language, but I need to target the 32-bit x86 platform. This unfortunately means that I cannot take advantage of compiler support for 128-bit integers, nor of the x64 architecture's ability to perform the required operation in a single instruction.


Thank you for the answers so far. However, it appears to me that the suggested algorithms would be quite slow - wouldn't the fastest way to perform a 128-bit by 64-bit division be to leverage the processor's native support for 64-bit by 32-bit division? Does anyone know if there is a way to perform the larger division in terms of a few smaller divisions?

Re: How often does B change?

Primarily I'm interested in a general solution - what calculation would you perform if A and B are likely to be different every time?

However, a second possible situation is that B does not vary as often as A - there may be as many as 200 As to divide by each B. How would your answer differ in this case?

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You can use the division version of Russian Peasant Multiplication.

To find the remainder, execute (in pseudo-code):

X = B;

while (X < A/2)
    X <<= 1;

while (A >= B)
    if (A >= X)
        A -= X;
    X >>= 1;

The modulus is left in A.

You'll need to implement the shifts, comparisons and subtractions to operate on values made up of a pair of 64 bit numbers, but that's fairly trivial.

This will loop at most 254 times (with a 128 bit A). Of course you need to do a pre-check for a zero divisor.

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