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Objective-C Question

UIImage view is not showing in iOS 11.....How to solve?

I have an existing project in iOS, it was working fine with till

iOS 10
After updating
X-Code 9
, and run the project
iOS 10
it is fine but in
iOS 11
is not showing ..

I have already tried so many ways like clean derived data, reset clean build with quit x-code and restart system, remove and add image(png file), but noting happen.

Even i have added the background colour but the colour is also not showing in the device and simulator but it is in the storyboard .

one more thing ,,, the background image on
is showing but on the image it is not displaying.

Is any one find solution ?

Answer Source

Kindly Debug through View hierarchy and Check Image Alpha Value. Remove This line of code from your project if not necessary -

[super setAlpha:0];

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