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Objective-C Question

How to initialize an Objective C struct in constructor?

I´m using a struct on Objective C to store some data, something like this:

@interface Interface : NSObject
// my Data
struct Data
__unsafe_unretained BOOL isInit;
__unsafe_unretained BOOL isRegister;
__unsafe_unretained NSString* myValue;

// Data() : isInit(false), isRegister(false), myValue(@"mYv4lue") {} // Constructor doesnt work

struct Data myData; // Create Struct


But I can't compile with a constructor. I want the values take some default value when I create the Struct.

How can I do this?

Answer Source

Structs don't have initializers, if you want to create a struct with a particular set of values you could write a function that returns creates and initialises it for you:

For example

struct Data {
        BOOL isInit;
        BOOL isRegister;
        NSString* myValue;

Data MakeInitialData () {
    data Data;
    data.isInit = NO;
    data.isRegister = NO;
    data.myValue = @"mYv4lue";

    return data;

now you can get a correctly set up struct with:

Data newData = MakeInitialData();

A note, though; you seem to be using ARC, which doesn't work well with structs that have object pointers in them. The recommendation in this case is to just use a class instead of a struct.

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