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JSON Question

conversion from string to json object android

I am working on an Android application. In my app I have to convert a string to Json Object, then parse the values. I checked for a solution in stackoverflow and found similar issue here link

The solution is like this

JSONObject jsonObj = new JSONObject("{\"phonetype\":\"N95\",\"cat\":\"WP\"}");

I use the same way in my code . My string is


string mystring= mystring.replace("\"", "\\\"");

And after replace I got the result as this

{\"ApiInfo\":{\"description\":\"userDetails\",\"status\":\"success\"},\"userDetails\":{\"Name\":\"Sarath Babu\",\"userName\":\"sarath.babu.sarath babu\",\"Token\":\"ZIhvXsZlKCNL6Xj9OPIOOz3FlGta9g\",\"userId\":\"118\"},\"pendingPushDetails\":[]}

when I execute
JSONObject jsonObj = new JSONObject(mybizData);

I am getting the below json exception

org.json.JSONException: Expected literal value at character 1 of

Please help me to solve my issue.

Answer Source

Remove the slashes:

String json = {"phonetype":"N95","cat":"WP"};

try {

    JSONObject obj = new JSONObject(json);

    Log.d("My App", obj.toString());

} catch (Throwable t) {
    Log.e("My App", "Could not parse malformed JSON: \"" + json + "\"");
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