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How to display a javascript File object in Chrome's PDF viewer with its name?

I've got a PDF file in the form of a Blob object (generated with jsPDF), that I want to display in an


I can do that easily this way:

iframe.src = URL.createObjectURL( blob )

The PDF is rendered correctly but I get an esoteric string in place of its name (see image below of Chrome's PDF viewer).

So I tried to convert the Blob to a File object in order to give it a human-readable name.

var file = new File( [blob], 'a_name.pdf', { type: 'application/pdf' } )
iframe.src = URL.createObjectURL( file )

It works with Firefox: the name is kept when saving the file from the header's PDF viewer.
Unfortunately it is dropped in Chrome and replaced with a random file name before being loaded in the PDF viewer.

Do you know if it is possible to display the PDF File object in the
with its file name?

Chrome's PDF viewer

Answer Source

You can set the title of the PDF generated by jsPDF with the setProperties method:

var doc = new jsPDF();
    title: "This is my title"

That title will be displayed in the PDF viewer in Chrome. You can test it in the Live Demo page.

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