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Is there an easier way to view json object from firefox or chrome's developer console?

What is the easiest way to read json from Firefox or Chrome's developer console? Do I need to install a plugin? Or hopefully there's a javascript function that lets you view json in a way that's much easier to read...

For example. If I try console.log(data) where data is the json object, the developer console displays it like a one huge chunk of string instead of displaying the structure, so it's really hard to sift through and filter out what I want.

I apologize for the confusion I caused. I just checked Chrome and it seems Chrome does display JSON in a structured way. However on Firefox it's all jumbled together. I attached the screenshot. I guess the question is "Is there a way to display this in a more structured way like on Chrome?", and as I learned from below, I guess console.dir() takes care of this. Then my last question would be: Is this an intended behavior?

console.log(data) from Firefox

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Firebug and Webkits developer tools display any object, structured and well readable. It seems like you try to output a JSON string instead an object. If thats the case, just parse it into an object before

console.log( JSON.parse( data ) );

and by the way, there are lots of neat methods on the console object, like console.dir() which directly lists an object properties/keys.

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