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AngularJS Question

AngularJS function in controller and factory not working when separated

//begin controller
.controller('myController',function($scope,$http,personFactory){ //hi im controller i need to call the http service from the factory

//begin service
//hi im service i dont want to live in controller.js , i want to live in app.js
//can we put the service inside a factory which is in app.js file and get called using controller #1
$scope.ObjectArray = result;

alert(error.error + "/" + error.statusCode);
}); //end

// hi i am controller #1 , i live in controller.js , i need to call http service in factory and send the value to HTML
$scope.retrieveRecords = function(){
var x = personFactory.getData();
return x

// i am controller #2
$scope.addRecord = function(){
var x = personFactory.insertData($scope.Name,$scope.Email,$scope.Password,$scope.Mobile,$scope.result);
$scope.message = "You have successfuly added new data";
return x + ' ' + $scope.message;

// i am controller #3
$scope.editRecord = function(){
var x = personFactory.updateData();
$scope.message = "You have successfuly updated the data";
return x + ' ' + $scope.message;


//end controller

//begin factory
.factory('personFactory',function(){ //hi im factory i live in app.js , im waiting for http service to live here
//end factory

what i need so much , please answer with something clever, all i need is the service separated to controller , what else should i say why is not posting damn blalbalblbllbalbalblablalkjvlwakjvnklwavjnlkwanvwanviwbilawvwavawvas

Answer Source

Change your factory from angular.module('myFirstApp',[]).factory to angular.module('myFirstApp').factory i.e., use angular.module('myFirstApp') but not angular.module('myFirstApp', [])

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