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Java Question

Cannot create FXML file in javafx project in eclipse ide

OS: Ubuntu 14.04.

IDE: (Eclipse Mars.1 Release (4.5.1)) and Scene builder 2.

I can't choose root element because as I understand it should be done.

This window I see when creating a file.
enter image description here

Maybe I incorrectly set the path to my Scene Builder executable.

enter image description here

How to solving this problem?

I did everything according to instructions.

Update 1: Not yet solved the problem, I'll use the Idea IDE

Update 2: Now i use Netbeans with JDK from ORACLE website. I chose the easiest way.

Answer Source

The problem is solved for me by installing the latest jdk 8u73 and by adding the new build path in eclipse

Ps : sorry for my english

Mounir (France)

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