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Java Question

Why doesn't Java throw an Exception when dividing by 0.0?

I have code to calculate the percentage difference between 2 numbers -

(oldNum - newNum) / oldNum * 100;
- where both of the numbers are
s. I expected to have to add some sort of checking / exception handling in case oldNum is 0. However, when I did a test run with values of 0.0 for both oldNum and newNum, execution continued as if nothing had happened and no error was thrown. Running this code with
s would definitely cause an arithmetic division-by-zero exception. Why does Java ignore it when it comes to

Answer Source

The result of division by zero is, mathematically speaking, undefined, which can be expressed with a float/double (as NaN - not a number), it isn't, however, wrong in any fundamental sense.

As an integer must hold a specific numerical value, an error must be thrown on division by zero when dealing with them.

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