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Wordpress space between text and tables

I have a problem with my wordpress site: When I put a table to any page there is a big gap generated between text and table.

Please scroll down the page to see the problem.

Here is some of page code.

W trakcie studiów studenci zyskują więc doświadczenie zawodowe, którym można się pochwalić we własnym portfolio.</div>
<td colspan="3" width="623">Lean User Experience &amp; product Design</td>
<td width="417">Wprowadzenie do user experience design</td>
<td width="33">4h</td>
<td width="173">Iga Mościchowska</td>

Here is backend screen:
enter image description here

Answer Source

You have stray <br> tags after each of your table element tags. This is how your table code looks like in view source:

<table><br />
<tbody><br />
<tr><br />
<td colspan="3" width="623">Lean User Experience &amp; product Design</td><br />
</tr><br />
<tr><br />
<td width="417">Wprowadzenie do user experience design</td><br />
<td width="33">4h</td><br />
<td width="173">Iga Mościchowska</td><br />

<br> tags are not allowed inside table and tr elements. Only inside td elements are allowed.

Remove them.


It must be some sort of text filter in your Wordpress installation.

Remove the line breaks in the editor from between the tags. Let it all be in one line. For the table part only.

Update 2:

Or, after you have inserted the table through the text editor, switch back to the visual editor and save.

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