John W. Nesk John W. Nesk - 2 years ago 213
Android Question

This is a test order, you will not be charged

Even after the app is published, when beta testers click to purchase a product, they see the message "This is a test order, you will not be charged"

I've removed the google groups from beta but still. What should be done? They cant buy normally


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Was having the exact same issue until I realized this isn't about being in beta or not. For me it was about migrating from IAB v2 to v3. Specifically the accounts you have added in your 'Play Console > Settings > Account details > Gmail accounts with testing access'. I had accounts in there long before alpha/beta was possible. After removing them + 3 hours or so to propagate, the testing message stopped showing.

Might be documented in the v3 in-app billing somewhere but I didn't see it.

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