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Session 'app': Error Installing APK

I've just started exploring Android Studio to write and to test my first app. I easily installed AVD emulator and tested "Hello world" on it. But then I wanted to test app also on the real hardware. I followed official instructions from here: At the end Android Studio saw my device. But I got such mistake:

Session 'app': Error Installing APK

I guess the problem probably can be in my android device(it is chinese Doogee X5). It does not have a given USB Vendor ID in developer docs so I decided to follow instructions with random vendor ID from HTC.
I'm sure there is a way to run application on any android device, but yet I didn't find an answer on how to do that. I'm running through Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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Open terminal window and type "adb kill-server", then type "adb start-server". Usually after a few hours of inactivity, adb used to disconnect the device.

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