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iOS Question

Issue with building iOS on AppseleratorStudio [ERROR]: Invalid "--device-id" value ""

AppseleratorStudio (Titanium), build:

MacBook Pro

iPad mini, OS 8.1.

Seen similar questions being asked, but not many answers were given and most of the questions were Android related. Willing to provide more info needed if necessary.

2016-08-22T08:48:24.385Z | DEBUG | getTiDefaultPath /Users/at/Library/Application Support/Titanium
2016-08-22T08:48:24.386Z | DEBUG | active sdk install path /Users/at/Library/Application Support/Titanium
2016-08-22T08:48:26.476Z | DEBUG | to download {"modules":[{"oses":["linux","win32","osx"],"platforms":["iphone","android"],"required":true,"partner_id":"A0B129A418829127EC551EB8ADB0D1CC","partner_name":"Appcelerator","name":"Hyperloop","description":"Gain complete access to native APIs in your Titanium mobile applications.","id":"hyperloop","guid":"99a136cd-4e51-40da-bcdb-d514f5895fb5","version":"1.2.6","url":"http://appcelerator-modules.s3.amazonaws.com/hyperloop-1.2.6.zip","min_mobilesdk_version":"5.4.0"}],"components":[]}
[ERROR] : Invalid "--device-id" value ""
Available iOS Devices:
814afcb29c793aea10b182b53f3f629b73ed1a39 iPad mini
itunes iTunes Sync
For help, run: titanium.js help build

Upd1. Added device id in build command, here is the result:

[INFO] Invoking xcodebuild
[ERROR] The following build commands failed:
[ERROR] CodeSign build/Products/Debug-iphoneos/Anna-inzicht.app
[ERROR] (1 failure)

Also tried to clean project - no help.

Upd2. It works ok on emulator, fail is with real device only.

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Finally, the solution was easy - created new project, moved all files from app folder.
Build works now.