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How to avoid interactivity (click etc.) on alpha transparent zones in sprites in PIXI.js

I loaded a hexagon.png whichs unfilled area is transparent due alpha values. When a user clicks on that one I want him only be able to click the non-transparent area to avoid overlapping events on the rectangle borders when the hexagons are aligned together. Is there any function or property that is able to do this?

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You can set the hitArea of a Sprite. It can be a Rectangle, Circle, or Polygon. For a 200 x 200 hexagon Sprite you could do something like this:

var points = [50,0, 150,0, 200,100, 150,200, 50,200, 0,100];
sprite.hitArea = new PIXI.Polygon(points);

**note this seems to be broken in the latest release. It was working in PIXI v3, and up until PIXI v4.0.3.