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video file is not working properly in html media player

I have some video files of format avi,mp4,flv. I am trying to run those in my html page. I used video tag. But by using video tag only mp4 file is running and all controls(start,pause,volume) are visible. Again I am trying to integrate by embed tag. But there videos are running but automatically and no controls like start,stop,pause,volume are not visible.
My code is like:
By video tag:

<video width="200" height="100" controls>
<source src="http://localhost/hk_v2/superadmin/gallery/video/Fiza-2.avi">

(this is not running at all)

<video width="200" height="100" controls>
<source src="http://localhost/hk_v2/superadmin/gallery/video/test.mp4">

(this is running properly with all controls)

By embed tag

<object id="MediaPlayer1" CLASSID="CLSID:22d6f312-b0f6-11d0-94ab-0080c74c7e95" codebase=",1,52,701"

standby="Loading Microsoft Windows® Media Player components..." type="application/x-oleobject" width="890" height="500">
<param name="fileName" value="http://localhost/hk_v2/superadmin/gallery/video/Fiza-2.avi">
<param name="animationatStart" value="true">
<param name="transparentatStart" value="true">
<param name="autoStart" value="true">
<param name="showControls" value="false">
<param name="Volume" value="-450">
<embed type="application/x-mplayer2"
pluginspage="" src="http://localhost/hk_v2/superadmin/gallery/video/Fiza-2.avi"
name="MediaPlayer1" width=890 height=500 autostart=1 showcontrols=0 volume=-450>

(working but starting automatically and no controls over video).

Please help me how to resolve this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

try html plugin for it download the files for it click here
step 1 : extract it in a folder. for a folder "html5plug".
step 2 :include this in your html

<link href="video-js/video-js.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="video-js/video.js"></script>

Note : you should create your html in the "html5plug" folder or you have set the src yourself

step 3 : Add an HTML5 video tag to your page

click here check the demo on jsfiddle

Note : you must check your video links too.

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