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Configuration file in PHP installation

I am using the following command to check for configuration file for PHP installation.

$ php --ini

But when I press enter, it is showing no output. It just comes to a new line without showing anything. Please help me in finding which configuration file is used by my PHP installation.

enter image description here

Basically, I am following the method shown in this link for verifying my PEAR installation.

Answer Source

That should work - it works on my PHP 5.2.19/win32 installation - and I don't know why it isn't working for you, but you can get the same info by either:

  • Creating a php script which contains this line - <?php phpinfo(); ?> - and loading it in a browser. This will show you a lot of information about your PHP installation, including information about the INI file(s) in use.
  • Running php -i from the command line - this will give you the same information as phpinfo() through the terminal. This may not work, if php --ini is not working. You could grep the output for instances of ini, e.g. php --i | grep ini

Something else that might be worth a try is redirecting the output of php --ini to a file, e.g. php --ini > phpini.txt.

Which PHP version are you running?

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