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Running Virtuoso Interactive SQL query via HTTP

I want to know if it is possible to run an isql query via HTTP in OpenLink Virtuoso.

I understand that the isql server runs on port 1111, but I cannot find any example (e.g. curl) to run an SQL query (not SPARQL) via HTTP.

I don't want to use ODBC because that would require configuration on different environments (UNIX or Windows) and I don't have time to change our Vagrant scripts for that.

JDBC is also not an option because we run on NodeJS and that would require a wrapper that would put additional overhead on the query times.

Running OpenLink Virtuoso 7.

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The data service at 1111 is not an HTTP service, so curl cannot be used against it.

You may be able to script something to run against the HTTP-accessible iSQL implementation at <http://{{virtuoso-host:port}}/conductor/isql.vspx>. Note that this is digest-auth protected and was intended for human interaction, so the client tool may need to parse the HTML of the response.

If that won't serve your needs, I suggest you ask on the Virtuoso Users mailing list. There are likely other options.

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