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How to detect HLS video is for Live, VOD or Event in Exoplayer android

I have integrated android exoplayer in my application. I have to detect the HLS (.m3u8) stream received is for Live or VOD or Event, so depending on that controller has to be modified for the player. I have only one instance of player so that should handle all the supported media like vod or live or event.

I am looking for some debug points to know working of m3u8 parser in exoplayer so that I can able to receive this parameters.

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Live vs Event differentiation is not supported, yet. For Live vs Event you can check the current Timeline, but that's not HLS specific. For distinguish a live stream from a vod one by querying the player's duration after it is prepared. Live streams will return UNKNOWN_TIME, where-as vod streams will return the known duration of the stream.

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