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Java Question

cursor.getCount() returning 1 but should have returned 0

I have a query which is

SELECT SUM(amount) AS total FROM transactions WHERE transaction_date > 1477333800

For this query,
is returning
. But when iterating through the cursor, the value is coming up null.

public Cursor getTotalForToday(long start)
SQLiteDatabase db = this.getReadableDatabase();
Cursor c = db.rawQuery("SELECT SUM(amount) AS total FROM "+TRANSACTION_TABLE+" WHERE transaction_date > "+start, null);
return c;

Cursor cursor = db.getTotalForToday();
if(cursor.getCount() == 0) // this is evaluating to false
forToday.setText("Zero"); //forToday is TextView
String total_today = cursor.getString(0); // this is returning null

PS: The data type of
is integer in the table

If I query the same thing in SQLLite Firefox extension, I'm getting the following output

Ideally, the number of rows returned should have been 0, but I have no idea why it is returning as 1.
Here is the data in the table btw:

Answer Source

Aggregate SQL functions such as SUM() always return a result row. The result itself can be null.

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