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iOS - iPad preview in Xcode is missing

I don't know how can I bring iPad in xcode preview? Right now It is missing. I have checked that all simulator is listed in

xcode > Windows > Devices
, and my app is set as
Deployment info
. Currently my xcode version is
Version 7.3.1 (7D1014)

If anyone knows, please share with me. Any kind of suggestoin is very much appreciable. Thanks a lot in advance.

Let me attach a screen shot of it.

enter image description here


For the getting list of all devices size preview, first you need Enabling Size Classes in Interface Builder. As per following screenshot you just need to check right mark in File Inspector.

enter image description here

After enabling size classes now check the preview. You get the full list of all devices.

enter image description here

So without sizeClass that wont appear the iPad list

Let me show you real time GIF:

enter image description here