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Android Twitter Login Failed

I have integrated Twitter(twitter4j-core-android-2.2.1.jar) long back in My application . It was working fine. But today only i observed that Login is getting failed while i click on authorize App . Its showing an exception

W/System.err(7725): Relevant discussions can be on the Internet at:
W/System.err(7725): or
W/System.err(7725): TwitterException{exceptionCode=[bb0a5eb5-1ef4a1e3], statusCode=410, retryAfter=0, rateLimitStatus=null, version=2.2.1}

Can any one help me to resolve this ?

Answer Source

This api has been deprecated since 15 days before : for more information you can check Twitter announcement! Now just replece your twitter4j-core-android-2.2.1.jar from twitter4j-core-android-4j 3.0.x.jar download this from here!

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