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omitting the null string terminator in c++ string

In my little project, I am trying to hash some bitmaps and the bitmaps are like: "BMP1 /0 bitmap data". I am using a md5 hash library that I found on the internet and it works as simple as:

std::string md5(const std::string);

The problem is, since I have a string terminator in the middle of the memory, if I try to make a string from this memory, I can have only the first part and not the bitmap data. So, my question is, can I not finish the string here and take the whole data into it. Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

If you take a look at the constructors that std::string provides, you'll find that among the many constructors, besides the constructor that takes a null terminated string as an argument (5), there is a constructor that takes pointer to a character string, and a count of characters (4). The description mentions specifically that the pointed string may contain null characters. This means that the null characers do not terminate the string.

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