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How can I specify multiple columns to be searched with PHP?

I recently built a website for work because our techs need an easy way to find out what keys go to which properties we provide service to. I've gotten the site working with live search ( and it's linked to my MySQL database. Everything works great except it only searches one column currently, the

column. I'd like to be able to search two columns,
at the same time.

Here's the current code, or at least the part that deals with searching the db.


namespace AjaxLiveSearch\core;

if (count(get_included_files()) === 1) {
exit('Direct access not permitted.');

* Class Config
class Config
* @var array
private static $configs = array(
// ***** Database ***** //
'dataSources' => array(
'ls_query' => array(
'host' => '',
'database' => '',
'username' => '',
'pass' => '',
'table' => '',
// specify the name of search columns
'searchColumns' => array('Address'),
// specify order by column. This is optional
'orderBy' => '',
// specify order direction e.g. ASC or DESC. This is optional
'orderDirection' => '',
// filter the result by entering table column names
// to get all the columns, remove filterResult or make it an empty array
'filterResult' => array(),
// specify search query comparison operator. possible values for comparison operators are: 'LIKE' and '='. this is required.
'comparisonOperator' => 'LIKE',
// searchPattern is used to specify how the query is searched. possible values are: 'q', '*q', 'q*', '*q*'. this is required.
'searchPattern' => 'q*',
// specify search query case sensitivity
'caseSensitive' => false,
// to limit the maximum number of result uncomment this:
'maxResult' => 10,
// to display column header, change 'active' value to true
'displayHeader' => array(
'active' => true,
'mapper' => array(
'Property_Name' => 'Property Name',
'Address' => 'Address',
'Key' => 'Key',
'Property_Manager' => 'Property Manager',
'Door_Code' => 'Door Code'
// add custom class to <td> and <th>
// To hide a column use class 'ls_hide'
'columnClass' => array(
'Count' => 'ls_hide',
'Reserve' => 'ls_hide'
'type' => 'mysql',

I've taken the connection info out for obvious reasons.

I tried 'searchColumns' => array('Address' AND 'Property_Name'), thinking that would search both columns but that didn't work at all.

Answer Source

I'm not familiar with Ajaxlivesearch, but it looks like searchColumns takes an array, so:

 'searchColumns' => array('Address', 'Property_Name'),

will probably work.

(array('Address' AND 'Property_Name') is a syntax error.)

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