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Android Question

How to fix jagged edges of controls (buttons, autocomplete text)?

I am developing my first Android application. I have created a relativelayout with two buttons and one autocomplete text view. The three controls display correctly on the emulator. However, when I create the apk file and install it on my Samsung Galaxy 5, the buttons show jagged edges, and the top and bottom lines 'sink' a bit and the text view gets an appearance of rounded square brackets on either side with horizontal edges sunk by a half millimeter or so.

Any help in understanding what is happening and how to fix it is highly appreciated.

Answer Source

I think I got the answer. It was perhaps because I had not defined Minimum SDK version and target SDK version in the manifest (uses-sdk node).

Adding the following two attributes to the uses-sdk node in manifest file solved the issue. I hope this is what was really necessary.

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