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Angular 4 and Nodejs http post request implementation error

I created small test application using Angular 4 and Nodejs. I want to insert a text field value to the database either Mongo or mysql.

Following files I created server.js for running nodejs, Created server>router folder with another file api.js and Angular 4 user component created.
What i did code shown below


<form (submit)="addHobby(hobbies,hobby.value)">
<input type="text" #hobby>
<input type="submit" value="Submit">


addHobby(arrHob,hobby) {
if(arrHob.indexOf(hobby) == -1) {
this.dataService.postHobby(hobby).subscribe((posts) => {
return false;

Services folder contain data.service.ts

postHobby(hobby) {
return this.http.post('/api/insertHobby',hobby).map(res => res.json().data);

server router folder contain api.js

router.post('/insertHobby', (req, res) => {
console.log("Welcome to post method");

When form submitting i'm getting output as only welcome to post method

req.body.data i'm getting as
How to resolve this issue. Any way thanks to everyone..

Answer Source

since you are not passing the variable as object , you need to pass it in object format as below :

postHobby(hobby) {
return this.http.post('/api/insertHobby',{hobby: hobby}).map(res => res.json().data);