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Updating theme.yml in PrestaShop

So I'm trying to modify the layout of theme.yml in a PrestaShop theme. I comment out the following:

# - ps_linklist
# - ps_customeraccountlinks
- ps_contactinfo

And then I save and FTP the file. The FTP succeeds.

However, the linklist and customeraccountlinks hooks are still displayed in the footer on client browsers.

I've tried to force refresh on the client browser, also to clear cache in back office. Neither of these work.

How do I propagate this updated theme.yml ?

Answer Source

The theme.yml is only useful when first installing a theme, any changes you make to it will not do anything after the theme has been installed.

However it is easy to either remove the unwanted modules on the "installed modules" page (click the little arrow next to the module and select "uninstall") or unhook the module from the, in your case, "displayFooter" hook on the "Positions" page which is found in the submenu of "Design" in Prestashop 1.7.x

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