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Which placeholder for fscanf?

I have a file that I open which has a bunch of lines with data like this:

0x804ae1c: W 0x0000000c

I'm trying to extract the 3 different strings into 3 different variables but I'm having problems getting values from the 2nd and third token.

Here is how I'm trying to do it:

unsigned long address;
unsigned long address2;
char* readWrite;
fscanf(traceFile, "%lx %s %lx\n", &address, line, &address2)

I get the pointer for the first line. i.e:


but after that the other 2 variables do not get the proper things assigned to them. I tried changing line to a char but to no avail. How should I proceed fixing this issue?


Answer Source

First, you need to allocate storage, rather than just declaring a char*. If you are reading only a single character, a simple char is sufficient.

As BLUEPIXY's comment mentions, you need to account for the extra : character in your string. Here is a test program that shows this (reads from stdin).

#include <stdio.h>

int main(){
    unsigned long address;
    unsigned long address2;
    char readWrite;

    scanf("%lx: %c %lx", &address, &readWrite, &address2);
    printf("%lu: %lu %c\n", address, address2, readWrite);
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