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Perl Dynamic Parameter to Function

I've got one function which I can't modify and in this function something like this is done

foreach my $param (@_) {

Now I want to call this function with dynamic parameters.
I've got an object which I get from

$self->{'parameter'} = from_json ( $self->{'cgi'}->param('POSTDATA') );

And now I want to do something like this

function(para1, $self->{'parameter'})

if I do it manually it works

function(para1, 1, 1, 1)

How can I do that?

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Answer Source

If $self->{parameter} is an array reference, then you can include the dereferenced array and in most* cases, Perl will flatten the list.

$self = from_json ...;                  # $self->{parameter} = [1,2,3];
function($p1,@{$self->{parameter}});    # equiv to function($p1,1,2,3)

* - some cases where Perl won't flatten a list are functions that have a @ prototype or a Perl builtin function that expects an ARRAY and not just a LIST

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