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manifest first OSGi build with gradle - migrating from ant to Gradle

Is there manifest first
gradle plugin for OSGi? Or how to do it with gradle?

There's big old project for OSGi container with many project having complicated relation declared in MANIFEST.MF. The build is long.
Now we want to simplify things and adopt Gradle. But first without breaking things and keeping ant and gradle builds in parallel for some time.
However what I see is gradle suggesting define MANIFEST inside


That would make a lot of copy work.

UPDATE There are close to 100 modules with a lot of dependencies information between modules and for nested jar. On average MANIFEST.MF length is about 50 lines (varies from 20 to 300 lines).
How to bundle nested jar's is other question.
This question is about using existing MANIFEST.MF files. All plugins I saw use
that is exactly contrary to manifest first approach.

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As of April 2016 there's no Manifest-first approach in Maven or Gradle build tools for OSGi.

While for Eclipse plugins (that are also valid OSGi bundles) there is maven/tycho build, that is standard within Eclipse Foundation, it is not really of help for general OSGi projects.

Oposite to Manifest-first is Manifest generation, and there is only one tool bnd, that initially was for manifest creation, then grew into full bundle jar builder and now has BndTools Eclipse integration, looking similar to Maven/Gradle integration managing dependencies.

I would recommend to keep bnd instructions in external standard bnd.bnd file and not to put it inside build script. *.bnd files are similar to usual Java .properties files, so in Eclipse IDE right-click, Open with -> Other ... select Properties File Editor check "Use this editor for.." and check "Use this editor for all '*.nbd' files"

For Gradle

For maven

All bnd-based tools are now collected on

There are some examples in

Note: link has been in "The OSGi Community Wiki was unfortunately hacked and is currently unavailable. " status for more than a week, while this question was opened.

Sadly @Richard gave up too early to receive some thanks as well (for mentioning maven)

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