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VB.NET Inputbox - How to identify when the Cancel Button is pressed?

I have a simple windows application that pops up an input box for users to enter in a date to do searches.

How do I identify if the user clicked on the Cancel button, or merely pressed OK without entering any data as both appear to return the same value?

I have found some examples of handling this in VB 6 but none of them really function in the .NET world.

Ideally I would like to know how to handle the empty OK and the Cancel seperately, but I would be totally ok with just a good way to handle the cancel.

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Here is what I did and it worked perfectly for what I was looking to do:

Dim StatusDate As String
 StatusDate = InputBox("What status date do you want to pull?", "Enter Status Date", " ")

        If StatusDate = " " Then
            MessageBox.Show("You must enter a Status date to continue.")
            Exit Sub
        ElseIf StatusDate = "" Then
            Exit Sub
        End If

This key was to set the default value of the input box to be an actual space, so a user pressing just the OK button would return a value of " " while pressing cancel returns ""

From a usability standpoint, the defaulted value in the input box starts highlighted and is cleared when a user types so the experience is no different than if the box had no value.

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