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CSS Question

Unexplainable whitespace BENEATH html/body/footer tag in last commit


On this page of the website, and on this page only, i get a weird whitespace beneath all my content. I've tried margin, padding zero etc. I use normalize.css to begin with, and the problem only occurred in on of my last commits, and i don't know whats causing it.

If you inspect it, it just targets the html element, which is above the whitespace.
The html haven't changed, and the css shouldn't affect it.
Styling for the footer is the same for all pages.

Any suggestions?
Anything is appreciated.

full repository https://github.com/oisteinhaugland/cabinProject

Answer Source

remove the height:400px from the captcha iframe.

this style is coming from main.scss so you will either need to remove it, or add an overriding style after the main.scss file is included in the page

iframe {height:inherit;}
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