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HTML Question

How can a desktop software communicate with a browser form (jsp, php, etc ...)

I need an advice on how to create (if at all possible) a desktop software that will populate a browser form (php, jsp, etc...).

For instance, here is the link to create a new google gmail account
What I'd like my "future desktop software" to do is to populate the fields on that web page as much as possible.

How can I do that, if at all possible ? And also I'm planning to create the application with Java or C#. Let me know if another technology would be more appropriate to create that desktop application

(ultimately the desktop app is going to be a interface with a database BUT this is not my concern for the current question)

Answer Source

There is a big security concern letting an application communicate directly with the browser. What the commonly used browsers have, are extensions which allow you to implement those things into the browser. Even if you are going to develop an extra desktop software, you will be able to communicate to the application with the browser extension. You probably should have a look at these links:

Build Chrome extension

Build Firefox add-on

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