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Perl on Windows: 32bit or 64bit?

For several scripting tasks, our team currently uses Strawberry Perl 5.14 / 32bit and I'm looking into upgrading to the latest 5.24(+) version.

I have always used the 32-bit version on Windows, and I found some references that the 32-bit version may be a little bit less troublesome in general, but how true that is today, I have no clue.

In general, today on my Win7-Win10 installations, I try to install the 64bit version of a tool if there is one available, but since perl is not a tool but a toolbox, the choice seems a bit more complicated.

Of course, it's no problem at all having two Strawberry Portable/ZIP Versions in parallel on the same box, but obviously we as a team want to minimize version variations as much as possible, so I guess the question could be summed up as a

TL;DR: Default to 32-bit Strawberry Perl and use the 64-bit one when needed, or default to 64-bit Strawberry Perl and use the 32-bit one when a package only has a 32-bit version?

I checked, and if it's relevant, the only packages we currently have in addition to the Strawberry 5.14 defaults are


Oh, and of course, "it doesn't matter, because there are only some obscure modules, or you'll know exactly when it matters (e.g. 32bit vs 64-bit MS Office)" is indeed a valid answer, which doesn't make the question per se opinion based IMHO.

I'll note that the Strawberry homepage lists both the 64-bit as well as the 32-bit version as recommended, but lists the 64-bit version first.

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The rule of thumb I've always used during architecture changes is to examine your tool-chain. If nothing is holding you back, move to the newer architecture. If some part of your tool chain is 32-bit only, then deal with 32-bit for a little longer.

For example, I have a customer who requires NotesSQL, and for some time they only provided a 32-bit version of their library. This meant sticking with a 32-bit ODBC connection and a 32-bit perl. Now all the tools I depend on are available in 64-bit. Odds are, at this late date, that the same is true for you.

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