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Java Question

Array of abstract class

Why can I not instantiate an abstract class but make an array of the abstract class?

public abstract class Game{

Game games = new Game(); //Error
Game[] gamesArray = new Game[10]; //No Error

Answer Source
Game[] gamesArray = new Game[10];

Instantiation means creation of an instance of a class. In the above scenario, you've just declared a gamesArray of type Game with the size 10(just the references and nothing else). That's why its not throwing any error.

You'll get the error when you try to do

gamesArray[0] = new Games(); // because abstract class cannot be instantiated

but make an array of the abstract class?

Later on, you can do something like this

gamesArray[0] = new NonAbstractGames(); // where NonAbstractGames extends the Games abstract class.

This is very much allowed and this is why you'll be going in for an abstract class on the first place.

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