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C# Question

Copying files into the application folder at compile time

If I have some files I want to copy from my project into the

folder on compilation, then it seems I have to put them into the root of the project. Putting them into a subfolder seems to copy them into the
folder in the same structure they're stored in.

Is there any way to avoid this?

Just to be clear: if I have a
in a
folder and I set their Copy to Output to be Copy..., then they appear in the
folder. I want them to appear in the

Answer Source

You could do this with a post build event. Set the files to no action on compile, then in the macro copy the files to the directory you want.

Here's a post build Macro that I think will work by copying all files in a directory called Configuration to the root build folder:

copy $(ProjectDir)Configuration\* $(ProjectDir)$(OutDir)
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