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PHP Question

How do I get my Alt image text to display correctly?

I was wondering...if any coding expert out there could spare a few minutes to help me out with a tiny problem? It's something to do with the alt image text.

You see, whenever I upload an image, the alt text for it doesn't display properly. You can have a look here --> This is how it's displaying in the source code:



How do I get it to display like this -

alt="Female Vampire" and alt="Side Farm Trap"

I tried installing a special Alt image plugin, (the site is built on a Wordpress platform) but that didn't work. I also tried editing the image settings but that didn't work either. Is there a special line of code I should add to the CSS stylesheet?

Btw, here is the image code in my stylesheet:

.images img {padding:0 13px 0 0;}

.images img.last {padding-right:0;}

I'd really appreciate it if anyone out there could please offer some advice...

Answer Source

in your index file where is says

<div class="images" style="padding-top:10px; "><?php get_images(); ?></div>

You might as well just replace with your images and then you can make the alt tags what ever you want.

<div class="images" style="padding-top: 10px;">
<img alt="Female Vampire" src="">
<img class="last" alt="Side Farm Trap" src="">
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