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How to extract the data from an ImmutableMultiDict

I receive my data as an ImmutableMultiDict

ImmutableMultiDict([('slim[]', '{"server":[{"status":"SUCCESS"}],"meta":{},"input":{"name":"sample-img.jpg","type":"image/jpeg","size":41319,"width":400,"height":300},"output":{"width":400,"height":300,"image":"....

I convert that to a dict

data = dict(request.form)

After converting to a dict, I end up with the data in this format.


I have tried

data = json.dumps(dict(request.form))
a = json.loads(data)

But I get this error

TypeError: list indices must be integers, not str

Answer Source

So this is the data? (I assume you are pretty-printing it because you can't have multi-lined 'string' values)


Then you need data['imageUploaded'][0] to get the first element of that array.

That appears to be a JSON string, so parse that

import json
inner_data = data['imageUploaded'][0]
inner_data = json.loads(inner_data)

And then, you can inner_data['output']['image']

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