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How to generate random sequence of numbers in python?

How to generate random sequence of 1, 2, 3 provided that 80 % of numbers will 1, 15 % will 2 and 5 % will 3?

Answer Source

Use random to get a random number in [0,1) and map your outputs to that interval.

from random import random

result = []

# Return 100 results (for instance)
for i in range(100):

    res = random()

    if res < 0.8:
    elif res < 0.95:

return result

This is a trivial solution. You may want to write a more elegant one that allows you to specify the probabilities for each number in a dedicated structure (list, dict,...) rather than in a if/else statement.

But then you might be better off using a dedicated library, as suggested in this answer. Here's an example with scipy's stats.rv_discrete

from scipy import stats
xk = np.arange(1, 4)
pk = (0.8, 0.15, 0.05)
custm = stats.rv_discrete(name='custm', values=(xk, pk))
# Return 100 results (for instance)
return custm.rvs(size=100)
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