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UISplitViewController inside tab bar

I have an app which has a login screen and when the user logs in, a tab bar controller is pushed. I currently have some views that would benefit from the fact that apple now allows using the split view controller in all iOS devices, so I was preparing to implement this when I read that the UISplitViewController must always be the root view controller. So I was wondering if it is possible to make the view in one of the tabs become a master-detail view using a UISplitViewController or will I need to implement this manually?

In case it is not possible to show the split view as a tab, could it be pushed from the tab bar controller? (e.g. the user taps a row in a table view and the master-detail view appears).

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You can definitely embed a UISplitViewController inside a UITabBarController. I've done just that for an app I released on the App Store. It has 3 tabs and each one is a split view controller.

Just drag out a tab bar controller into your Storyboard, delete the master and detail controllers it added, then drag out a split view controller. Control drag from the tab bar controller to the split view controller and select the "view controllers" relationship segue.

On Xcode versions less than Xcode 8, you may see black or white bars at the top and bottom of the split view controller in the Interface Builder canvas, but these will not appear when the app is run on a device.

enter image description here]

Here is the app running to show the split view embedded inside the tab bar controller on iPhone 6s Plus:

enter image description here

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