Etienne Etienne - 2 years ago 68
SQL Question

Update records in table from CTE

I have the following CTE that will give me the DocTotal for the entire invoice.

;WITH CTE_DocTotal
SELECT SUM(Sale + VAT) AS DocTotal
FROM PEDI_InvoiceDetail
GROUP BY InvoiceNumber

UPDATE PEDI_InvoiceDetail
SET DocTotal = CTE_DocTotal.DocTotal

Now with this result I want to enter into the column the DocTotal value inside PEDI_InvoiceDetail.

I know is not going to work and I know I am missing something, what is it?

Answer Source

Updates you make to the CTE will be cascaded to the source table.

I have had to guess at your schema slightly, but something like this should work.

(   SELECT  InvoiceNumber, 
            SUM(Sale + VAT) OVER(PARTITION BY InvoiceNumber) AS NewDocTotal
    FROM    PEDI_InvoiceDetail
SET     DocTotal = NewDocTotal
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