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how to access key values in a json files dictionaries with python

i have a script that pulls json data from an api, and i want it to then after pulling said data, decode and pick which tags to store into a db. right now i just need to get the script to return specific called upon values. this is what the script looks like, before me trying to decode it.

import requests
def call():
payload = {'apikey':'945e8e8499474b7e8d2bc17d87191bce', 'zip' : '47120'}
bas_url = ''
r = requests.get(bas_url, params = payload)
grab = r.json()
return grab

'results': [{'twitter_id': 'RepToddYoung', 'ocd_id': 'ocd-division/country:us/state:in/cd:9', 'oc_email': '', 'middle_name': 'C.', 'votesmart_id': 120345, 'first_name': 'Todd', 'youtube_id': 'RepToddYoung', 'last_name': 'Young', 'bioguide_id': 'Y000064', 'district': 9, 'nickname': None, 'office': '1007 Longworth House Office Building', 'term_start': '2015-01-06', 'thomas_id': '02019', 'party': 'R', 'in_office': True, 'title': 'Rep', 'govtrack_id': '412428', 'crp_id': 'N00030670', 'term_end': '2017-01-03', 'chamber': 'house', 'state_name': 'Indiana', 'fax': '202-226-6866', 'phone': '202-225-5315', 'gender': 'M', 'fec_ids': ['H0IN09070'], 'state': 'IN', 'website': '', 'name_suffix': None, 'icpsr_id': 21133, 'facebook_id': '186203844738421', 'contact_form': '', 'birthday': '1972-08-24'}, {'twitter_id': 'SenDonnelly', 'ocd_id': 'ocd-division/country:us/state:in', 'oc_email': '', 'middle_name': None, 'lis_id': 'S356', 'first_name': 'Joe', 'youtube_id': 'sendonnelly', 'last_name': 'Donnelly', 'bioguide_id': 'D000607', 'district': None, 'nickname': None, 'office': '720 Hart Senate Office Building', 'state_rank': 'junior', 'thomas_id': '01850', 'term_start': '2013-01-03', 'party': 'D', 'in_office': True, 'title': 'Sen', 'govtrack_id': '412205', 'crp_id': 'N00026586', 'term_end': '2019-01-03', 'chamber': 'senate', 'state_name': 'Indiana', 'fax': '202-225-6798', 'phone': '202-224-4814', 'gender': 'M', 'senate_class': 1, 'fec_ids': ['H4IN02101', 'S2IN00091'], 'state': 'IN', 'votesmart_id': 34212, 'website': '', 'name_suffix': None, 'icpsr_id': 20717, 'facebook_id': '168059529893610', 'contact_form': '', 'birthday': '1955-09-28'}, {'twitter_id': 'SenDanCoats', 'ocd_id': 'ocd-division/country:us/state:in', 'oc_email': '', 'middle_name': 'Ray', 'lis_id': 'S212', 'first_name': 'Daniel', 'youtube_id': 'SenatorCoats', 'last_name': 'Coats', 'bioguide_id': 'C000542', 'district': None, 'nickname': None, 'office': '493 Russell Senate Office Building', 'state_rank': 'senior', 'thomas_id': '00209', 'term_start': '2011-01-05', 'party': 'R', 'in_office': True, 'title': 'Sen', 'govtrack_id': '402675', 'crp_id': 'N00003845', 'term_end': '2017-01-03', 'chamber': 'senate', 'state_name': 'Indiana', 'fax': '202-228-1820', 'phone': '202-224-5623', 'gender': 'M', 'senate_class': 3, 'fec_ids': ['S0IN00053'], 'state': 'IN', 'votesmart_id': 53291, 'website': '', 'name_suffix': None, 'icpsr_id': 14806, 'facebook_id': '180671148633644', 'contact_form': '', 'birthday': '1943-05-16'}]}

thats the json data returned, i want to specifically call upon IE {'twitter_id': 'RepToddYoung', or 'first_name': 'Todd'

instead of my script returning the entire json file that it retrieves

Answer Source

Look at the data structure that you are getting back. It's a dictionary that contains a list of dictionaries. You can access the list using the 'results' key:

l = r.json()['results']

From there the dictionary containing the item you are after is the first item of the list, so:

d = l[0]

And the specific values can be retrieved from the dictionary:


You can simplify that to this:


Probably you will want to iterate over the list:

for d in r.json()['results']:
    print('{first_name} {last_name}: {twitter_id}'.format(**d))

which will output:

Todd Young: RepToddYoung
Joe Donnelly: SenDonnelly
Daniel Coats: SenDanCoats
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