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SQL Question

Add Value column using another column as Key

Hopefully the table itself states the problem. Essentially with the

column on the left, is it possible to add a unique code/value column using
as a hash key/set based on the appearance orders of the types:

Type | Code
ADA | 1
ADA | 1
BIM | 2
BIM | 2
CUR | 3
BIM | 2
DEQ | 4
ADA | 1
... | ...

We can't simply hard-code the conversion as each time there's arbitrary number of

Answer Source

You can use dense_rank():

select type, dense_rank() over (order by type) as code
from t;

However, I would advise you to create another table and to use that:

create table Types as (
    select row_number() over (order by type) as TypeId,
    from t
    group by type;

Then, join that in:

select t.type, tt.TypeId
from t join
     types tt
     on t.type = tt.type;
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