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Node.js Question

Is there any alternative to npm-check-updates module?

I was thinking of using npm-check-updates module for updating the node_modules to their latest version.But due to its large size (almost 25mb) after installation, I am looking for other alternative to this module.

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Do check out the below npm module:


  • Tells you what's out of date.
  • Provides a link to the package's documentation so you can decide if you want the update.
  • Kindly informs you if a dependency is not being used in your code.
  • Works on your globally installed packages too, via -g.
  • Interactive Update for less typing and fewer typos, via -u.
  • Supports public and private @scoped/packages.
  • Supports ES6-style import from syntax.
  • Upgrades your modules using your installed version of npm, including the new npm@3, so dependencies go where you expect them.
  • Works with any public npm registry, private registries, and alternate registries like Sinopia.
  • Does not query registries for packages with private: true in their package.json.
  • Emoji in a command-line app, because command-line apps can be fun too.
  • Works with npm@2 and npm@3, as well as newer alternative installers like ied and pnpm.


  • Node >= 0.11.
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