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Swift Question

Sort Dictionary by values in Swift

Is there are analog of - (NSArray *)keysSortedByValueUsingSelector:(SEL)comparator in swift?

How to do this without casting to NSDictionary?

I tried this, but it seems to be not a good solution.

var values = Array(dict.values)
$0 > $1

for number in values {
for (key, value) in dict {
if value == number {
println(key + " : \(value)");


var dict = ["cola" : 10, "fanta" : 12, "sprite" : 8]
dict.sortedKeysByValues(>) // fanta (12), cola(10), sprite(8)

Answer Source


let dict = ["a":1, "c":3, "b":2]

extension Dictionary {
    func sortedKeys(isOrderedBefore:(Key,Key) -> Bool) -> [Key] {
        return Array(self.keys).sort(isOrderedBefore)

    // Slower because of a lot of lookups, but probably takes less memory (this is equivalent to Pascals answer in an generic extension)
    func sortedKeysByValue(isOrderedBefore:(Value, Value) -> Bool) -> [Key] {
        return sortedKeys {
            isOrderedBefore(self[$0]!, self[$1]!)

    // Faster because of no lookups, may take more memory because of duplicating contents
    func keysSortedByValue(isOrderedBefore:(Value, Value) -> Bool) -> [Key] {
        return Array(self)
            .sort() {
                let (_, lv) = $0
                let (_, rv) = $1
                return isOrderedBefore(lv, rv)
            .map {
                let (k, _) = $0
                return k



Updated to the new array syntax and sort semantics from beta 3. Note that I'm using sort and not sorted to minimize array copying. The code could be made more compact, by looking at the earlier version and replacing sort with sorted and fixing the KeyType[] to be [KeyType]

Updated to Swift 2.2:

Changed types from KeyType to Key and ValueType to Value. Used new sort builtin to Array instead of sort(Array) Note performance of all of these could be slightly improved by using sortInPlace instead of sort

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