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Getting Android owner's email address nicely

I want to allow the user to provide me their email address without typing it in. Ideally, there'd be a text field where the user could either type an email address or push a button to autofill it.

In an earlier question, Roman Nurik suggests using an AccountManager to handle this, but that requires my app to use the GET_ACCOUNTS privilege; my app could then access all of the user's accounts on the device, including their Facebook/Twitter accounts. That permission seems way too broad for what I want.

Is there a nicer way to handle this that doesn't require granting my app such a heavy duty permission?

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Indeed, not only can't you do this without GET_ACCOUNTS, the information you want only exists in the user's (Google) account data.

On my Sprint phone, the 'owner' address sprint assigns is myusername@sprintpcs.com, and that can be seen using getprop from a shell. But that's not my primary email address, or even one I ever use/check. What you want is my gmail address, and that's stored in the Android account data.

Actually, you want one of the two — which is another reason you need GET_ACCOUNTS. If you're going to ask for my email address, you need to let me select among the two @gmail.com accounts I have configured on the device. I know which one is my 'preferred' one (although even that's contextual), but AFAIK neither is considered by the system to be more 'primary' or 'default' than the other.