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Javascript Question

How to convert provided number of hours into days hours minutes in javascript?

I have an input hours which will be 0 to any hours, for example

25 hours... I need an output in days hours and minutes: 1 day 1 hour 0 min

I have tried and it returns days but help me to convert to days hrs and min
var flag_hours = 25;

if(flag_hours >=24)
var totaldays = flag_bookbefore/24;

which gives output as :

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

Try this function: It gives you access to days hours and minutes separately.

function SplitTime(numberOfHours){
    var Days=Math.floor(numberOfHours/24);
    var Remainder=numberOfHours % 24;
    var Hours=Math.floor(Remainder);
    var Minutes=Math.floor(60*(Remainder-Hours));

var hours=27.3
    var timeResult=SplitTime(hours)
    console.log("27.3 hours translate to  "+timeResult.Days+"Days "+timeResult.Hours+"Hours and "+timeResult.Minutes+"Minutes.")

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