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Java Question

GUI isn't shown while thread is in procces in JAVA

I'm making simple game with very simple thread (1 sec delay)
got problem with the thread, I have

loop with the code:

try {
while (true) {
Thread.sleep(1000); // Thread sleeping for 1 second
} catch (Exception e) {
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "error with timer");

it simply get string every second and updates label text
when I'm trying to run it the gui freeze and I can only see the label in a black background, all buttons and bg img dissappeared. tried to fix with


but got nothing..

any other options?

Answer Source

don' use Thread#sleep(int) during EDT, then you have issue with Concurency in Swing, if you need to delay any action use java.swing.Timer, example for EDT lack here

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