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Nativescript accessing localhost access in android and ios

I have a local node rest api running on my system.

My question is ,when accessing localhost from android we are supposed to use And When using ios we can use localhost .

So is there a way we can control the host name we call , depending on the environment ios or android in a nativescript app

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inside JS file you can use following (better when u need quick decide what to use per platform code)

/*at top file*/
var platform = require("platform");
var nativePlatformLocalhost;

/*in some function or globally*/
if(platform.device.os === platform.platformNames.ios){
  /*localhost for ios*/
  nativePlatformLocalhost= "localhost";
else if(platform.device.os ==={
  /*localhost for android*/
  nativePlatformLocalhost= "";

or if u need more complex android / ios code based on platform and you can write two files one for android and one for ios with name convention and require as following line


you will get file based on current running platform runtime, when u create two files with following names 

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