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OpenSSL CocoaPod iOS with Bitcode?

Is there an OpenSSL cocoapod that works with bitcode enabled? Previously I was using the

pod 'OpenSSL'
, but I want to have bitcode in my app. Is there any way to do this, or must I build OpenSSL by myself?


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I can answer this question, as I figured out how to do it. Since there is no official CocoaPod, you will have to use a build script to build it yourself. Here is the build script that I used:

This build script will generate two folders for you, one called lib and another called include. Go to your project settings and go to Build Phases. Open the section called Link Binary With Libraries. Then, open the lib folder and drag libcrypto_iOS.a and libssl_iOS.a into the Link Binary With Libraries section.

Next, go to Build Settings. Under the Search Paths section, Go to Header Search Paths, double click the field, which will open another box. In there, drag the include folder. Also make sure that the Library Search Paths have the lib folder.

Hope this helps!

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